Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Naughty Domain Name Sales this Week

This week has seen several naughty domain names sold via SEDO. It shows that adult webmastery is still on the roll and some really good money can be made in this industry. Providing, you can find a hosting company to host your naughty ideas.

First it was which sold for EUR 30,000. Then came - $12,000 and for those who like to do it slowly, there was domain name for hefty $42,000. What's next?

Friday, 29 August 2008

Many Domain Name Jubilees Recently

The end of summer 2008 has seen several new domain registration targets smashed. China domain name CN at last caught DE of Germany and now both countries have more than 12 million registered domains.

Netherlands with NL reached 3 million registrations, which is amazing because experts never thought it would be so popular. Ten years ago there were only 56,000 NL domains.

Recently the 7 million target was reached by both .ORG and the .UK domain name of Britain.

So, as you can see, Internet gains more and more popularity and the speed of domain registration shows that internet business can actually be very profitable!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Blogger Almost Gets in Jail

A Russian blogger has been sentenced to one year conditional for inciting social discord and hatred on the Internet. It is the first precedent when a blogger gets a sentence.

In February 2007, Savva Terentyev left a comment on a local journalist's blog. Under the nickname of "terentyev" he urged, among other things to "burn policemen in the central square of the city."

GoDaddy SSL Share Continues to Grow

GoDaddy, the biggest domain name registrar of the whole wide world says they keep growing in terms of SSL certificates, too. Since GoDaddy introduced its own SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Certificates) just four years ago, their market share has risen to almost 21%.

People become more aware that in order to run a successful online shop or just to protect any other online data, it is absolutely crucial to employ SSL Certificates.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Domain Appraisal DIY

If you are investing or plan to invest in domain aftermarket, if you are a domainer or just a normal guy who wants to buy or sell an odd domain or two, you may need a price guide. See, domain name is not a cheeseburger - you cannot just set a strict price and feel confident. Now it will be much easier to do the valuation because there is the domain appraisal guide!

SnapNames to Auction Domain Names with Traffic

You still have a couple of days time to register for a new domain name auction held by SnapNames on behalf of These domain names will come with some initial traffic although it is all too ridiculous to mention. Anyway, some nice domains are on the list and the start price is $99.

Again, a lot of nonsense short domain names, but there are some pearls like:,, among others.

For more information and for instructions on how to apply for this domain auction click on through to Snapnames Domain Auction.

Note that you must register your interest before August 19, 2008!!!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Ahaa, Uhuu, Our Comments Go DoFollow!

Yes! We love our visitors to leave comments. As a "thank you" we have removed nofollow attribute from the comments. It means that when you post a VALUABLE comment, you are allowed to leave your URL. It will be followed by bots.

For more information about DoFollow blogs and to learn tips on how to get rid of that stupid attribute and attract more comments, read about DoFollow Blog Comments.

Tel Domain Name - New Way of Communication

For the time being .tel TLD has remained quite obscure and unclear. It was approved by ICANN together with .mobi and although we know a lot about .mobi, only few have heard about .tel. So what is it and why is it?

.TEL is intended to use as a single publishing point for communication services, providing a different type of contacts directory service by including all kinds of contact information (name, surname, phone number) directly into the DNS without employing HTML, XML, WAP or any other user interface.

.TEL domain names will employ a totally new philosophy, it is like bringing communication to a new level. Some are worried that .tel is too difficult for people to understand, but then, 20 years ago people said that the internet was too sophisticated to live. Here we are!

To speak human language, as an individual you will be able to register your tel domain name, for example and using a pre-created interface (without creating a website) you will share your contact details with the world or restrict the access to your friends and family. You will also be able to share links, photos, messages, just about anything. Possibilities are endless! It is predicted that services like Digg, MySpace, Friendster and other spam hubs will suffer from .tel. Bye bye spammers!!!

Registration of .tel domain names will start on December 3rd, 2008. If you don't want to miss .tel news, please sign up for the Domain Newsletter (you'll find the simple form on the right navigation panel)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

.ME Montenegro Domain Celebrates 100,000

It was revelaed that the registration number of .ME domain name has reached 100,000 mark. That is great for a new domain extension. Montenegro domain is very popular in USA (72% of all registered dotME are grabbed by Americans), another 12% of domains are registered by other English speaking people in UK, Australia and Canada.

Auctions are taking place now to distribute the pre-registered domain names (don't mix with the sunrise names that were registered by the trademark owners). In this table there are the most popular .ME auctions. You can see the whole list or take your part in the auction by visiting

  • - $53,006

  • - $19,205

  • - $13,505

  • - $11,105

  • - $10,106

  • - $9,025

More gossip in the article about ME Domain Name.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Doctor, doctor - Bring me the News

Another fine domain name was sold through SEDO aftermarket today. Selling price is $21,760. It is a reasonable price for a NET domain, still I expected it to fetch more money. Especially when medical industry is so popular online. I personally know many people who would need a :)

Just a quick update. According to the estimated/reserve price of this .NET name was only $5,000-$9,999. So, the owner is probably jumping for joy. Although, I still think it could do well over $30,000 with the right bidders around.

A Busy Month For Easyspace

One of the leading UK hosting and domain registration companies Easyspace has added two new domain name TLD to their offer list. It was .ME (Montenegro) earlier this month and .ASIA just recently.

Both of these new domain name spaces keep attracting much interest both in the UK and worldwide. As many British residents still have connections with Asian countries (you need to have at least administration address in Asia or Pacific region to qualify for registration) this domain extension is particularly popular in the UK.

To see what does Easyspace has on offer, go to

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Flipper Earns Money on Domain Names

Don't get me wrong. It is not Flipper the dolphin. It is flipper the Steve - a teenager from California. He is not a wunderkind, at least that's what his teachers say. The heck with the teacher. Steven McDonald has made over $300,000 on flipping domain names.

For example, he paid paid $620 for and just a fortnight later re-sold it for $12,000 to another domain name trader. This provided him with some spending money and a starting capital. Ever since his first domain name flip, he has made more than $300,000.

Easy money! We all like that.

For more SEO tips and domain gossip go to Domain Name News.

5 Foolproof Steps to Register Your Domain Name

By Fabian Tan

Getting your website up and running is going to take more than a web designer. First, you'll want to register a domain name. Don't worry though. You won't have any trouble learning how to register a domain name if you follow the easy steps below.

1. Find a domain registration service

To register a domain name, you first need to find a service you want to work with. The most convenient option is go through your web hosting company. With this option, you may also receive a discount on the registration cost.

2. Search for the domain name you want

You'll next have to search to see if the domain you want is available. Some allow you to search for one domain at a time. Others let you search for multiple domains simultaneously. Make sure to select any domain extensions you are interested in before hitting the search button.

3. Look at what is available

Review the results of your search. Chances are not all of your options will be available. Decide which one(s) seem the most appropriate and select them.

4. Decide on public or private registration

You will also be asked whether or not you want your registration information to be made available to the public through the WHOIS public database. Private registration costs extra.

5. Pay the fee

Once you've made the choice and completed the required information to register a domain name you'll have to pay the registration fee. The price depends on how many years you commit for. The longer the registration period you choose the lower your yearly cost is going to be.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 45-page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!"

Head over to to get your FREE copy now before its gone!

Article Source:

Friday, 8 August 2008

OD.COM Domain Name Sold for 220000

Yesterday another short domain name OD.COM was sold on SEDO for a nice bunch of greenies - $220,000.

What is OD abbreviation? There may be more than one possible answer. Go to domain name blog for more details!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Prediction And Research in Domain Name Trade

By Jim Trent

Buying and selling domain names is a new business yet some people have made lots of money and even become multimillionaires trading domain names. Those who just start out or want to become successful domainers, frequently ask how to determine the value of a domain name.

There are different methods and strategies of domain name appraisal but most of the people just base their appraisal on how popular are the keywords contained within the domain name. It is a mistake to narrow your research to just the keyword popularity. Of course, it is great if you manage to grab a nice short domain name that contains a highly popular keyword. Yet, if you concentrate on keywords only, you can miss your big chance to own or trade a top seller.

The best strategy in the modern domain name marketplace or a trick, if you like, is to develop a skill of prediction. It is not necessary that you start learning divination to tell the fortune in tea leaves. What I mean is that you have to be an expert in your field. The trick is to learn to predict how your field is going to develop and what domain names would come into use. Sometimes it just takes a good knowledge of history.

For example,, Rogers Cadenhead, a software expert from USA, registered the domain name along with other papal names just before Cardinal Ratzinger became the Pope. He just made a research on the history of the Holy See and shortlisted the possible name choices. Why did not we think about that? It was so obvious and easy.

The biggest skill in domaining is to predict the demand and to stock domain names that could fulfil that demand.

Author is a contributor for the Domain Blog and runs the 3appraisal domain name appraisal services.

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Six Qualities of Good Domain Names

By Joseph Nyamache

Choosing a good domain name is crucial to the success or failure of your business. You may wonder how something so small and slight could have an impact on your business, but the best way to compare this is to think about how important location is to an offline business?

Here, you will discover the six qualities that a good domain name must have to ensure success.

1.) Memorable

A good domain name must be memorable. Yes, we have the option of bookmarking a site that we enjoy; however, the hard truth is that many people do not take advantage of bookmarking. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your domain name is one that is easy to remember and makes an impact.

2.) Short and Sweet

Twenty characters is the maximum that you should use for a good domain name, ten is even better. A long and complicated domain name is not going to help you. Your best bet is to keep it short and sweet. A great domain name is less than ten characters; a good domain name is less than twenty characters.

3.) Be Choosy On Your Extension

There are several domain extensions available to you such as .com, .net, .org, .tv, .info, .gov and so on. However, some of these work better than others and are more memorable at the same time. It is important to understand that some extensions also have restrictions such as .gov is reserved specifically for government websites. The .com domain name extension is the best by far, because it is the most widely used.

The .net extension is the second best, but be prepared most people will type .com before they will .net if they cannot remember which extension you use. The type of extension you use might also have a bearing on the type of website. Some people have come to expect certain things when a particular extension. For example, .org is typically used by not-for-profit organization and educational websites.

4.) Spelling Means Everything

Having a difficult to spell domain name could cause you some trouble. A good domain name contains only words that are easy to pronounce, have a good combination of words or letters that are used in every day language, and does not contain foreign words that may be difficult to non-native speakers.

5.) Tells a Story

A good domain name should be descriptive and tell a story. In other words, when your visitors, customers, or potential customers see your domain name they should instantly be able to tell what they are going to find.

6.) Avoid Fancy Symbols

It is never a good idea to use numbers or hyphens within your domain name. Even if your domain name is memorable, many people will not pay attention to the symbols.

Check for available domain names

Joseph Nyamache has the domain name. Learn not to make the same mistakes at expired domain names blog

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Godaddy Feels Happy about ME Domain Popularity

GoDaddy - the number one domain registrar of the world - announced that Montenegro .ME domain live phase had been the most successful new domain name launch in GoDaddy history. In the first 24 hours more than 20,000 names.
To read full post, go to Godaddy ME Domain.