Thursday, 14 August 2008

.ME Montenegro Domain Celebrates 100,000

It was revelaed that the registration number of .ME domain name has reached 100,000 mark. That is great for a new domain extension. Montenegro domain is very popular in USA (72% of all registered dotME are grabbed by Americans), another 12% of domains are registered by other English speaking people in UK, Australia and Canada.

Auctions are taking place now to distribute the pre-registered domain names (don't mix with the sunrise names that were registered by the trademark owners). In this table there are the most popular .ME auctions. You can see the whole list or take your part in the auction by visiting

  • - $53,006

  • - $19,205

  • - $13,505

  • - $11,105

  • - $10,106

  • - $9,025

More gossip in the article about ME Domain Name.