Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Prediction And Research in Domain Name Trade

By Jim Trent

Buying and selling domain names is a new business yet some people have made lots of money and even become multimillionaires trading domain names. Those who just start out or want to become successful domainers, frequently ask how to determine the value of a domain name.

There are different methods and strategies of domain name appraisal but most of the people just base their appraisal on how popular are the keywords contained within the domain name. It is a mistake to narrow your research to just the keyword popularity. Of course, it is great if you manage to grab a nice short domain name that contains a highly popular keyword. Yet, if you concentrate on keywords only, you can miss your big chance to own or trade a top seller.

The best strategy in the modern domain name marketplace or a trick, if you like, is to develop a skill of prediction. It is not necessary that you start learning divination to tell the fortune in tea leaves. What I mean is that you have to be an expert in your field. The trick is to learn to predict how your field is going to develop and what domain names would come into use. Sometimes it just takes a good knowledge of history.

For example, BenedictXVI.com, Rogers Cadenhead, a software expert from USA, registered the domain name along with other papal names just before Cardinal Ratzinger became the Pope. He just made a research on the history of the Holy See and shortlisted the possible name choices. Why did not we think about that? It was so obvious and easy.

The biggest skill in domaining is to predict the demand and to stock domain names that could fulfil that demand.

Author is a contributor for the Domain Blog and runs the 3appraisal domain name appraisal services.

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