Tuesday, 12 August 2008

5 Foolproof Steps to Register Your Domain Name

By Fabian Tan

Getting your website up and running is going to take more than a web designer. First, you'll want to register a domain name. Don't worry though. You won't have any trouble learning how to register a domain name if you follow the easy steps below.

1. Find a domain registration service

To register a domain name, you first need to find a service you want to work with. The most convenient option is go through your web hosting company. With this option, you may also receive a discount on the registration cost.

2. Search for the domain name you want

You'll next have to search to see if the domain you want is available. Some allow you to search for one domain at a time. Others let you search for multiple domains simultaneously. Make sure to select any domain extensions you are interested in before hitting the search button.

3. Look at what is available

Review the results of your search. Chances are not all of your options will be available. Decide which one(s) seem the most appropriate and select them.

4. Decide on public or private registration

You will also be asked whether or not you want your registration information to be made available to the public through the WHOIS public database. Private registration costs extra.

5. Pay the fee

Once you've made the choice and completed the required information to register a domain name you'll have to pay the registration fee. The price depends on how many years you commit for. The longer the registration period you choose the lower your yearly cost is going to be.

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